Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blind Spots in Our Money Personalities

Blind Spots in Our Money Personalities

We all have blind spots in our personalities that serve as barriers to seeing what is real, reasonable and rewarding in how we view our particular circumstances. These blind spots are so much a part of our personalities that we are literally unable to perceive them and their hidden but powerful influence in creating our familiar and frustrating scenarios and consequences.

The problem with blind spots remaining unconscious is that they lead to black holes that we can’t climb out of easily. We all know people who are constantly facing the same problems, making the same mistakes and never learning from their past mistakes and misfortunes. They just can’t seem to see how they could change their financial and personal circumstances.

I have seen some very common issues and themes over the years. In studying how people attribute the causes of their financial successes and failures, it becomes obvious that the clarity of the perception of cause and effect accounts for the ultimate success. In other words, those who didn’t experience handicapping blind spots to their role in shaping their realities were far more likely to succeed. Those who were blinded by the role that their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors played in shaping their realities were continually disappointed and frustrated by their financial circumstances and distress especially in challenging financial times.

People, who could see the direct influence of their own efforts, beliefs, and behaviors as shaping the future event, were able to successfully change the outcome so that they achieved success. Success could be developing a successful financial plan, providing well for family, being happy at work, living within one’s means.

In these recessionary times, just as in the last recession of 1991 and the market downturn in late 1999/early2000, consumers have had a wake up call that prompted their desire to change their financial behavior and eliminate the stress that they were enduring.

They no longer could be blinded by their belief that the market is always a benevolent parent that will provide growth and windfall gains for them. Nor are they able to live off their credit which postpones facing the reality that they can’t afford themselves and their false lifestyles. They are no longer able to turn a blind eye to what’s real and are forced to become aware and deal with their circumstances or fall deeper into the black hole.

Unfortunately, it’s human nature to see what we want to see and hear only what we want to hear. The pain of changing has to be less than the pain of remaining the same for us to transform how we deal with life’s opportunities and events.

Blind spots don’t miraculously disappear; it takes consistent vigilance to make sure they’re not acting as barriers to achieving a more rewarding life. In time with consistent focus and efforts in making adjustments to our sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, we begin to see our role in creating consequences more accurately. If we don’t know who we are and how we create our realities, we’re blind to our abilities and opportunities.

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